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The amount of business housed throughout the airport is phenomenal. There are over 50 food and beverage accommodations with approximately 30 shopping and service stores. There are services available for duty-free shops and currency exchanges, bookstores and newspaper stands, as well as electronic stores and clothing boutiques. Also offered throughout the airport are UPS and FedEx drop locations, pet relief areas, various ATM machines and even a shoeshine service.

The BWI has a heart as well and shows this whenever the opportunity presents itself. Caring about people has been a part of their fabric since 1950 and they continue to instill values and compassion. Recently, the airport took the opportunity to do its part for Human Rights. Proudly displayed throughout their upper concourse stood one of the most gripping displays passengers and employees had the privilege of viewing. BWI hosted an illustrious photo exhibit to honor brave civil rights leaders from all over the globe. Stirring exhibition photos of such honorable individuals as The Dalai Lama were represented and showed the BWI's commitment to people.

The U.S.O. opened its very first center at the airport and it now stands as the largest of all centers. This is a fine example of two like-minded groups coming together for the greater good. Baltimore Washington Airport is the home to The U.S.O. Metro Center. This fine organization is world-renowned for its selfless attention to helping troops and their families. BWI warmly and proudly welcomed the U.S.O. and is the starting place for many important programs such as "The Pathfinders Volunteer Program". Retired affiliations of aviation as well as retired service personnel donate their time to greet passengers and assist with questions, directions or just to provide a friendly smile.

In addition, all active duty as well as retired personnel are provided many free amenities as they pass through BWI's gates to make them as comfortable as possible. They are provided charge-free VoIP phone calls and free internet service, afforded laundry service, a library, snacks and beverages, a game-room as well as a room for resting.

Many BWI employees volunteer their time to important U.S.O. efforts such as the proud "Honor Flights" program. BWI made it possible for terminally ill veterans and World War II veterans to visit their memorials. This provided so many honorably served veterans a chance to honor their own.

Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport, better known as BWI - the airport with a heart.